We are pleased to present delicacies from the
Punjab region of Northwestern India. Indian food,
Like Indian culture, is both diverse and distinctive.
Every corner of India offers a vast array of
culinary delights and has been influenced by many
different cultures, including those of the Moguls,
Portuguese, Persians and British.


The Punjabs have the reputation of being gourmets
and the best cooks in the country. The Pubjab is
particularly famous for its curries, blends of up to
20 herbs and spices, as well as tandoori clay oven

Indian food is comprised of six basic tastes: sweet,
sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. A well
balanced Indian meal contains many of these flavors.
This principle explains the use of numerous spice
combinations and depth of flavor.

I hope you enjoy this tour of flavors and colors,

India House Authentic Cuisine